Inventions that we don't need.

I have had quite a few ideas on inventions that we do not need. Here are some of them.

You can shave your face and do your work at the same time!

For those mornings were you just cant get the fire going.

Everyone needs one of these!

You will be able to put this hat on anyone you want to see who might be a "dim bulb".


Giant Killer Mutant Zombie Squirrel's

Hey guys I just want you to know that I will be posting another (long) blog some time next weekend. However until then you will be stuck with looking my blog with nothing new on it. Soooooooo I made you a picture of Giant Killer Mutant Zombie Squirrel's chasing me through my front yard in the country. *Note* I have never had a good experience with squirrel's; more on that later.