The Hunger Games Survival Guide

Hello people, plants and monkeys ,I say this because plants have feelings and people seem to think monkeys have something to do with our existence (keep on typing out Shakespeare's work monkeys!). I am writing to say I have been procrastinating on my blog until I got some inspiration. Luckily I have a loyal follower who has requested that I write a blog about the Hunger Games. If you have no idea what the Hunger Games is about your most possibly blind, mute, and deaf (and if you are reading this blog then you know about the Hunger Games). But just to be safe the Hunger Games is a book about kids who have special talents that they use to kill other kids (nice isn't it). Our family happens to own five copies of the first book, and the trilogy. I thought approximately 36 seconds on what to write, and came up with a guide on how to survive the hunger games.
First comes title!!!

STEP ONE: Don't get chosen. It sounds simple if you don't get chosen then you don't die.

STEP TWO:  If step one fails and you have to participate in the Hunger Games go looking like you just got hit by a train. With any luck they might do some sort of surgical enhancement on you, to make you stronger.

STEP THREE: If step one fails and step two fails then you must come up with a obscure talent that may or may not impress the judges. 

STEP FOUR: Don't kill any of the people who might possibly send you gifts.

STEP FIVE: Try to make friends with the giant mutant killer zombie squirrels.

STEP SIX: When in the games there are three ways that sponsors will send you presents.
1) You actually have a talent (I do not)
2) You are good at kissing people in order to make people like you (moms don't count)
3) You have good looks (nailed that one).

STEP SEVEN: This is possibly the most important step in all of the steps to survive the Hunger Games. In order to survive you must win the games. Its harder than it sounds.

If you follow these guidelines you have a (1/24) GREAT chance to WIN!
Lets end with an ending.


Job Drama

Hello People Animals and Aliens reading this blog. And also Plants since you do have feelings, although it is unlikely you are reading this blog. It has been a while since I have posted my last post so I thought I might catch you up on my greatest life achievements in the past months (and some of my not so great achievements).
For starters I got a job. Wait!.... not just one but TWO! Parents have a strange way of handling things when there son gets his first (multiple) jobs. Mom handles things just like this, except I must dull down how she really is in my cartoons so as not to alarm anybody.

And this happened many days in a row for a long time until I started both of my jobs.
Dad on the other hand had a totally different reaction to my news.

Both reactions to the news was more different than I had thought it would be. Besides the fact that my dad getting me ready to leave the house and my mom is wanting me to revert to becoming a two year old so she can raise me again my job's have been going good. No serious injuries to the body or my mental status have happed wile on the job so I think I am fine.


A random and slightly crazy blog

I have a few thing I wanted to post but had no significance, so I decided to make my random post. For starters my friend has started up a blog that currently has no posts (yet), that will (most likely) be awesome (you will find it in the blogs I like section). Anyways it is so new that I got pictures of his very first page views.
I am  #1
I am #2

                                          I am also #5 (my sister got to it before I could do #3 and #4)

I also wanted to share that, due to complete boredom I sent myself 117 emails in a row.

And lastly I also made a bunch of cute little animals using only computer keys.
If you are wondering it is a cat pretending to be a mime. 

                                                       I will leave it to your imagination.

                                                                        And my owl.


Math Amoeba

First it started with the zero in primordial soup.

Eventually it grew into more advanced math equations.

The now more advanced amoeba wanted to get out of the soup and onto land.
And it did. Then its purpose was to hunt me down and eventually eat me.
I was able to fight them off at first. But then they got bigger.
And bigger.
By the time I get to Einstein's theory of relativity I think something like the picture bellow will happen to me.