Job Drama

Hello People Animals and Aliens reading this blog. And also Plants since you do have feelings, although it is unlikely you are reading this blog. It has been a while since I have posted my last post so I thought I might catch you up on my greatest life achievements in the past months (and some of my not so great achievements).
For starters I got a job. Wait!.... not just one but TWO! Parents have a strange way of handling things when there son gets his first (multiple) jobs. Mom handles things just like this, except I must dull down how she really is in my cartoons so as not to alarm anybody.

And this happened many days in a row for a long time until I started both of my jobs.
Dad on the other hand had a totally different reaction to my news.

Both reactions to the news was more different than I had thought it would be. Besides the fact that my dad getting me ready to leave the house and my mom is wanting me to revert to becoming a two year old so she can raise me again my job's have been going good. No serious injuries to the body or my mental status have happed wile on the job so I think I am fine.


  1. Just so you know, nobody should read this past 10:40 AM lest they start laughing hysterically and passa~way. Thanks Devin. You made my day.

  2. I think that you may have gotten the wrong impression my son. I was muttering and moaning No No Nooooo as I envisioned how much time I was going to spend in the car driving you to those dual jobs! (Not to mention the gas involved!) LOL! I love ya and you did make me laugh! I think you nailed you father ! Hehehe

  3. You mean you don't have enough saved to move out yet? Dad

  4. Although by now I think you done up with one job cause you supposedly ate about 10 meals single handedly but in reality you fed you scammed Silverwood and fed your family cheaply! How kind...

  5. Hey, Dev, can you PLEEEAASSEEE do a comic on something to do with the hunger games? like, even a comic making fun of it, if you don't like it? It would make my day. Thanks!