About Me

I am a teen person, not a computer. I live on a planet I like to call Earth, in the zone named North Idaho. I also happen to live in the country, where I have to fight off bears and wolves in order to survive. I live in a loving family with a few brothers and a sister. I like doing lots of activity's, and am homeschooled. Blogging is a pastime that I enjoy (and eventually want to get famous). Karate, school and 4-H is pretty much my life; although I do enjoy biking, swimming, running, skiing, paint-balling, shooting sports (archery, pistol, knife throwing, axe throwing, shooting rifles, etc), programming and other various activities. I have a good understanding of HTML and can write programs in 2 different languages (JavaScript and python but mainly python). I also have a strange fascination with the Roman/ Greek empire.

                                                                         (above) me