iPhones and me (the tragic story)

Living in the information age without a smart phone is a little bit like being a cave man. Except this cave man is a fossil, in a museum, in the twenty first century. When people hear I don't have an iPhone a glum demeanor befalls them and they look upon me like I just ate a dead roadkill porcupine. Throughout my exploration into the college realm I have discovered living in the dark ages is starting to become a draw back. Probably one of the worst things with this information age is an inability to brag.


This can cause untold problems because I may sometimes lightly massaged facts about my life.
Seeing how my entire family has dumb phones when we get lost on road trips we swing in to buy a map at gas stations. Funny thing is that people with smart phones assume everyone has a smart phone. So guess what happens in gas stations! No Map. The people running the station then try to explain to us the concept of an iPhone and all about a GPS navigation app that comes pre-installed onto it. I am no technological idiot; but for some reason if you don't have an iPhone then you qualify as one. Now I'm not saying smart phones don't have a place in this world but, I want a map gosh dang it and I can choose to have on if I want.

Another awkward situation iPhones have caused is what I like to call “OnlyguyatthetablewithoutaniPhone syndrome”. This plagues me especially at lunch breaks with friends.

Not to say iPhones don't have their place (I mean who wouldn't want to watch a video of a kitten while talking to a friend) but it has got to end! Or at least end it when your around me because I am kind of old fashioned that way. Oh I also finally found the word for grammar freaks out there trying to correct my punctuation on my blog. Pilkunnussija (Finnish)
A person who believes it is their destiny to stamp out all spelling and punctuation mistakes at the cost of popularity, self-esteem and mental well-being.
I would like to not the last part in the description. COST of popularity, self-esteem and mental well-being (I'm just saying).

It's been a little while oh loyal followers but I will see if I can post more often. 


  1. I am afraid your mother is an unrepentant Pilkunnissija. But I am happy to see you are writing on your blog again! :)

  2. Yeah glad to see you using this again :D