The Little things.

There are things in life that annoy me (and I’m pretty sure the rest of the population). It’s not the kind of annoy where you break an arm; or when you stub a toe.  It’s the kind of annoy when your brother decides to turn on the hot water while you are in the shower, so as to divert from the pipes all that is warm and good in this world, to give you an arctic bath. *Below is me after an arctic bath*
Being male, keywords involving lipstick, nail polish, ponies, hair, glitter, pink, purple, butterflies, rainbows, eyelashes, or fake nails make me start to go insane (and shopping for clothes).  
Flies drive me crazy. They buzz everywhere, constantly landing on my food and my forehead. Do you know flies regurgitate their food onto an object then eat it up again? This is why you get brown spots on your windows (little ones) and why a fly is obsessed with returning to your sandwich. They regurgitated on your food and they want to come back and eat it up again. I lived my life happily without knowing this, but now I know and I will spread my knowledge mwahhhaaaaaaaa.

Another thing that bothers me is wet towels. When you get out of a pool or shower and the only towel you have is soggy and cold,  you need to dry off but you can’t find a dry towel. This is the situation I am talking about.

Finally we come to coffee. We can’t deny my dad any coffee or else we get a scene like this. It is really bad when a pot is not ready for him by the time he comes down the stairs. I like coffee too, but when dad is out of coffee I am forced to surrender my cup.
These are some of the things that drive me crazy.


  1. LOL! I love it! I can totally relate to that! Except for the nail/clothes thing. Because I do talk about that...

  2. I hate wet towels. And don't forget, I am next in line for the coffee. You are third! Mwahahahaha........

  3. LOL! Nice, Dev! I love the coffee one:D

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  5. Anonymous6.1.12

    The coffee belongs to ME!

  6. coffee is hard to come by in our hose for a kid. Your lucky you have your own coffee maker in your room!