The squirrel story

Once upon a time, when I was a young and crazy lad I went to my friend’s house to play. As we were running outside we just so happened to come across a brutal scene. A cat was mutilating a little squirrel! Of course being the brave lads that we where, we snagged the squirrel from the evil demon cat and observed the damage.
                                                             It didn’t look pretty.
So using our brilliant minds we decided to do an operation.
I called out like a true surgeon. But my only answer was “we don’t have any”. I went down a list of things we needed.
                                                   Nope Nope nope and nope, was my reply.
Finally we decided to push the squirrels guts back inside of its little body and stretch a broken balloon (the only thing we had) across its stomach. It looked a little like this.
Needless to say the squirrel did not live. We were pretty sad about our failed operation. In the end we gave the squirrel back to the cat and went on with our day.


  1. Nice squirrel. But where is his tail? And I remember being there too! ;) I love the animation!

  2. ROFL!!! I laughed pretty hard at that:D Nice illustrations! Love the poor thing's face!

  3. LOL I love <3 it!!!!!!!!:D cant wait for you to do more. :D