The soda theories

This is one of my personal favorite theories that I have (you must understand I don’t entirely believe my own theories, I come up with them and then wonder if I’m onto something). When you get a cup of soda and put soda and ice into your cup you are participating in the ‘Great soda scam’. The reason being is when you put ice in your drink it takes up about 1/4th of your drink to ½ of your drink. Well this doesn’t seem like a big deal right? Putting ice in your drink is normal, right? WRONG! As you can see in the diagram bellow you are getting like half of your soda taken away.
At this point most people say ‘I like ice in my soda’. The plot thickens; in school you are brainwashed that you like cold soda instead of warm soda. You think that you like it better cold. The truth is you where probably brain washed to think you liked cold soda, so that soda companies can save money by not giving you as much soda. At this point people ask ‘Um Devin what is your point’. My point is that when you buy a soda you are being ripped off from a whole cup of soda to a half cup of soda without you even knowing it. At this point I usually get ‘but most places have unlimited refills in their soda’. And I respond with this answer; some companies recognize this soda theory and instead of trying to un-brainwash people they simply let you have as much soda as you want WITH ice in order to be honest with the customer. Now you have heard my soda theory and lived through the tale. I am still not entirely convinced of this theory myself but oh well.

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  1. LOL, Devin! Nice! Your sister and I (This is Tana) tried that out the last time we were at a restaurant- you really do get less soda! Of course, we both had water, so it didn't really make a difference... Anyways, cool blog!