A random and slightly crazy blog

I have a few thing I wanted to post but had no significance, so I decided to make my random post. For starters my friend has started up a blog that currently has no posts (yet), that will (most likely) be awesome (you will find it in the blogs I like section). Anyways it is so new that I got pictures of his very first page views.
I am  #1
I am #2

                                          I am also #5 (my sister got to it before I could do #3 and #4)

I also wanted to share that, due to complete boredom I sent myself 117 emails in a row.

And lastly I also made a bunch of cute little animals using only computer keys.
If you are wondering it is a cat pretending to be a mime. 

                                                       I will leave it to your imagination.

                                                                        And my owl.


  1. Love the owl! I will have to try that one sometime...

  2. HA ha I like the alligator or what I think look like a alligator LOL. Nice job:D

  3. Clearly a crocodile. You're just silly. Post more thing please.