16th Birthday

My birthday lands today! February 2nd, I am born on a not-so-very popular holiday; Ground Hogs Day. It is a shock to me and my parents that I have lived long enough to reach this age. Here are some ways in the past that could possibly hinder me from turning 16.
When I was little I had an extremely big head. In fact I believe my head lead me around instead of my legs. 

Falling down stairs seemed to be a life endangering situation.
and various other ways.
I think birds and squirrels teamed up to kill me while I was climbing in trees. 

And finally being chased around in the dark by a timber wolf.
It is still a wonder to me how I escaped all of this.


  1. LOL! You still do have a big head! (Just kidding!) Happy 16th Birthday to the best big brother I could ever ask for! Love you!

  2. Happy 16th! You have an amazing talent for staying alive! :] It has been a wonderful 16 years! I Love you!