My little brother's drawings.

So inspired by my blog my little brothers decided to draw their own blob people (because they are easy to draw) and asked me to put their drawings depicting them on my blog.
Both of my brothers rocking out
Them depicting how scary they think my dad is when he is angry (he is not angry very much though).
No idea!
I like this guy but I don't know what it means.
My two little brothers believing that they are in control.
No idea what this is either but I thought it was cool.
As you can see from the pictures above my drawing skills can be matched to that of a seven year old. 


  1. Ha ha! Awesome! It's neat to see how your little brothers follow in your footsteps. Good work, guys!

  2. LOL Little brothers can be pretty cool sometimes. In this case really cool, trying to do what there older brother is doing. And now my brother is following you and wants to get a blog so he can post cartoons too. LOL

  3. Love 'em! Especially the guy with the really long nose... or is that a welding mask?

  4. Anonymous3.3.12

    It's funny. I remember you saying that Alexander was your ancester but I didn't believe you, because in order to be a descendent of him you would have to be Greek. You said you were just English, Irish, Scottish and German, never said anything about Greek though.
    Well, anyway, you wanted me to look up this blog and now I did. It's pretty dang funny!