Camping in your back yard can be one of the best things ever; in the day time. Up to about the time I was 13 I was scared to camp in the back yard for fear of being eaten. I have composed a list of possible actions and explanations of back yard camping.
During the day time one is able to block out all and any creepy sounds. Creepy sounds are the cause for campers panic. After campers panic comes the inevitable insanity, fear factor, and or death. There are a variety of reasons people fear the dark rather than the day time. This is my personal explanation for not hearing creepy sounds during the day.
Creepy sounds generally is the start of campers panic. Once one hears a sound a conversation starts up much like this.
Me: Did you hear that?

Other guy: No I didn't what did you hear?

Me: Oh just the casual sound of some mutant beast ripping apart a grizzly bear.

Other guy: You know what I think I hear it also. In fact I think its coming towards us!

Me: Did you pack the weapons.

Other guy: No I thought you did.

Me: Ohmygoodnesswearegoingtodie!

This is what happens when I am with other people. When it is just me in the tent I start to talk to myself.

Generally after all of this has gone down there are two ways to handle the situation.
a) Make a dash to the house
b) Stay awake in the tent until morning.
Option a) is the option most people choose. The downside to this option is the un-mathimatical distance change that occurs during the dark. 
 Not only does the distance lengthen but you also run around screaming randomly while your shadow chases you.
Option b) is a other option that will result in fear. Generally when a weapon is in the tent the person feels inclined to stay. They see that they might have a chance against a heard of zombies with a pocket knife. The downside to this plan is it may result in no sleep.

Here are the actual facts of the scary factor during the night.

As you can see from these facts I made up that scary sounds, and the scary factor go up during the night. My best advice for backyard camping is to bring a pocket knife with you so that your scary factor goes down. The embarrassment of running into the house every time you go backyard camping might be to unbearable. I highly suggest option b).


  1. Great one, Dev! I agree, distances between the house and the tent definitely grow at night!

  2. Anonymous8.2.12

    Ha ha ha -- and you think you weren't listening in math class! Those are great charts!