coffee the extremely short story

Coffee the extremely short story
 Once upon a time people found something they called coffee.  After traveling to South America the Spanish sought to find the perfect coffee bean (at this time there were coffee beans in Africa and Asia). They went through the Amazon jungle trying to find this bean. They came across many different plants and animals.

Despite what the natives told them (they couldn’t understand the natives anyways) they tried all sorts of plants. Some of the edible; but mainly non-edible (as in it kills you right there and then).
Turns out a lot of the times the natives communicated to them was to warn them of possible dangers.
But yet the search for the coffee bean was underway. They would not return to sweet Spain until they had found coffee beans. It turns out that to cover up the search for the coffee bean they say that the Spanish were in search of gold. When the great emperor Francisco Pizarro was captured the Spanish really asked for a room full of coffee bean plants, not a room full of gold! The reasons for these lies are to brainwash kids and teens. Have you ever heard an adult (or you as an adult) say “Coffee will stunt your growth”?

Adults know the value of this energy that has kept man running since the beginning of time. With the population growth adults are trying to turn to other sources of caffeine, like soda. But nothing can compare to coffee. I LOVE COFFEE!!! This concludes my short story on the search for coffee.

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