My brilliant ideas.

When I was little, a long time ago (approximately when I was 3-9 years old) I was compelled to be a living demon. I had lots of plots and schemes on how to take over the world (I still do) and how to be a person of mass destruction.
One of my evil plots involved a trailer, drain cleaner, and black powder (If I could get my hands on any black powder).  My plan was simple.

My plan was simple. I would use my parent’s trailer that we had parked near our house as HQ. I would then use the powder packets of drain cleaner, that I had found underneath the sink in the run down trailer. I would then empty every cap (caps for the little dollar store cap guns) and take the powder out of it to create a small bomb that I would use to um, honestly I didn’t know what I would do, it just sounded cool.  

For some reason I got the idea mud was explosive when combined with drain cleaner and caps. I also had the brilliant idea to put rocks in it (because some rocks were explosive apparently also). Once my mom found out we were severely punished. I spent some “hard time” in my room.  I had millions of ideas and most of them ended up leading me to my room.  I was a poor ignoramus to the reality that, you don’t just go tell your mom; I made a “bomb” out of the drain cleaner and mud in the old trailer.


  1. I sent this blog link to all of my sisters. They say they love it. I told you you'd be famous some day. I claim 73% of the profits.
    Love the post. As always.


    1. And also you should post somewhere about which color of thingy is which person in your family.